At The Brush Creek LTD we have been the choice to build PPC Guns for some of the finest shooters in the competitive circuit. Our "MOJO" Competition Guns quality speaks for itself, but their owners are our best salesman. The testimonials from our customers tell the story why our MOJO Custom Guns are so prized by their owners. With indoor "verified" scores of 600 - 60x to outdoor scores "verified"1497 - 125x, the truth is in the shooting!



"Choosing a "MOJO" is making an investment in your shooting success!"


All of our MOJO custom built guns have the face of the cylinder ground for a true front gauge. This eliminates the uneven face gaps that can happen on production guns giving trigger drag, lead splatter and cylinder bind.

We bevel the cylinder entrances for the fastest and most trouble free "Speed Loading" you can imagine. Any PPC shooter knows what the benefits of even a fraction of a second saved can make in the reloading phase of a PPC competion.

We relieve the under side of the star so you don't get cylinder bind that can occur from gun powder being trapped due to the higher volume of ammunition fired in PPC match shooting.

We "Bobb" and "Skeletonize" the hammer and "Spring Load" the firing pin for a true "Speed Hammer." This reduces the amount of hammer spring tension required to effectively fire even the hardest of primers.

We also make custom counter weights for those wishing to add additional balance weight to their PPC gun. You can make your current gun into the better balanced smoother second shot gun of your dreams.

Barrel Sizes

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