In the beginning


    My father was a part time gunsmith, full time machine builder, and avid sportsman.  When he passed, I got into competitive Police Pistol Combat (PPC) shooting.  Having been a machinist myself for 38 years, and around guns all of my life I saw need for improvement in the custom guns available at that time.  I didn't know if it was accuracy, features or aesthetics, but I was curious about them all.  This inspired me to start building the first of a new era of PPC custom competitive guns.


    In just three short years I had 15 of the "Governors 20", an honor award issued by the Governor of Michigan for Shooting Distinction, shooting my guns.  During the '80's and '90's I built PPC guns for the Michigan State Police Pistol Team, Oakland County, Wayne County, Washtenaw County, Ingham County Sheriffs, and Detroit Police Teams Members.  As requests grew, I built guns that became known as "MOJO's" for even more shooters across Michigan, the Kentucky State Police, Ontario, and even Saskatoon Canada.  During the mid 1990's I started my own machine shop business was and didn't take orders for new guns for several years.


    In 2007 I was introduced to Cowboy Action Shooting and soon saw that the refinements that were so in demand for PPC competitors were not available to Cowboy shooters.  That is how Brush Creek Ltd. came into existence.  I want to provide gunsmithing for the Cowboy shooter who wants the best in quality and/or desires the edge that a custom action job or authentic custom modifications, not available 'off the shelf', can offer. I hope to have the opportunity to build a custom gun for you or a member of your team in the near future or furnish you with quality gunsmithing for your Cowboy or PPC guns, until then, high scores and safe shooting to all!

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